Tuesday, March 10, 2015

40 Days of ... Art - Day 19 - Encaustic Art


I'm so so sorry, I wasn't able to put in the time to blog yesterday. I really tried but it just wasn't possible, I guess it was bound to happen at least once with a 40 days series. But no worries it just means you get two post today :)

My yesterday post is about encaustic art again. It is just such a nice product and so much fun to do.
The pictures are a bit from a weird angle but it's the only way i found (for the moment) to show you the true vibrance of the colors without having the flash light reflecting in the encaustic pieces, because they are not only deep and vibrant in colors they also are so glossy shining.

Those are actually card panels, and here I mounted some of them on the cards already. I just love the look. And they are flat so really nice if you want to mail them.

Thank you for reading my blog. 


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