Wednesday, March 4, 2015

40 Days of ... Art - Day 14 - Encaustic Birthday Cards


I couldn't help myself I had to explore the Encaustic a bit more. I wanted to know what it would do if I added stamps to the given.

I like the effects it gives. 

I'll make birthday cards out of those samples. I couldn't fix them together yet, because I don't have varnish and I have to varnish them to protect hem from scratches. Encaustic art is beeswax and is very easily scratched, so I wouldn't trust them to be intact after postal services machine sorting.

But to see what could be the result I adhered some of them with temporary tape.

It wasn't easy pulling of the pictures because those are so glossy and rich in colours and I can't take pictures outside (it is night in Europe) so I do the best I can.

Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope you enjoy seeing the encaustic art as much as I enjoyed making it.

Have a nice time.


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