Friday, March 6, 2015

40 Days of ... Art - Day 16 - tag & canvas board


Today I finally made the tag that inspired me since I saw the Tim Holtz his post for his 12 tags of 2015 series. 

It really got me inspired and wondering how would it look an a 4 by 6 canvas board. So I took one out and just experimented.
 I made the tag and the canvas board along side one and another and must say that I like the result a lot.

The tag is on the left and the cardboard on the right hand side.

 What do you think? which one do you like the most?

Thank you for reading my blog, enjoy your day.



  1. I always enjoy seeing the umbrella man on a project and he works perfectly for this month's tag. Both projects are great but I like the tag best.

  2. Great take on the March tag.Love the filmstrip idea on the tag.

  3. LOVE this! The Umbrella Man always steals the show for me! Gorgeous color!