Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine

Hello World,

Finally I get around to blogging. I have had quite a bit of a hectic period, I crafted quite a bit, but didn't find the time to put it on here, so it will follow soon.

I could however not let all off you be without wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day.

And for this occasion I want to share my projects that I made for this month as hobby farm design team member. The theme is love.

My love canvas turned out fantastic, I had a lot fun creating it, I wanted to make it soft yet sparkly and bright, and that look and feel is exactly what you see when you look at the canvas.

 The next project was a big valentines card, because there must be a lot off place to write a love not, don't you thing? 
And because often the packaging of gift cards is extremely ugly, I made a pocket on the inside of the card, with a tag where you can fit in the gift card, so that a gift card can be easily given together with the card without falling out, or being obvious, and without ugly packaging.

And finally I had some leftovers from the white and pink paper, so I made little candy bags. 
They are so cute, I love them. And what a great way to use those leftovers.

The projects are being exposed at Hobby Farm (in Eeklo - Belgium) at the moment
so you can see them live if you want.

That's all for tonight folks.

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading my blog.


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