Monday, June 24, 2013

Cardmaking Monday - Week 3


This week I was inspired by the Simon Says Stamp & Show Blog, their weekly challenge is all about stripes.

I made two cards with stripes today, and I made masculine birthday cards, I have many male friends and never seem to have enough of them and male cards aren't that simple either.

The first one I made the background myself with distress ink and tape.

The second one I took some paper that I bought in the very beginning of my crafting days. It quality isn't top and It is very bright and not very trendy any more. But for cards you can still use them. You only need a bit and you have a focal image so ideal to use. Oh and to avoid having it to bright and not so cool, well I put some distress ink all over it, instead of a screamy stripe pattern I got a vintage stripe pattern, very neat and very easy :)

Thank you for reading my blog

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cardmaking Monday - Week 2


Today I had very little time to spent on making a Card.
So I made a quicky card. You know the type off card you still have time to make when  you only have 20 minutes or less to spend on making a card, because you came home late from work, still have to ready yourself and have about 15 minutes to make a card because you have to go to a party.

How can you solve that dilemma. By making a simple yet beautiful card with PanPastels.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Artjournalling Thursday

Hello everyone,

Today I made the first in another series, Monday I presented the first "Card-making Monday", and today it is the "Art journalling Thursday". That makes 2, but I had ideas for 3 series, what will be the 3rd??? Keep tuned on this blog, and you'll now it will make it's apearance this week. It is the week of 1st's this week.

As for my page today I did a single page, the first in a new book is very often a single page.

This is the book I'll use for this series, it is a simple book, but the paper is great and I love this kind off book.

The backround is many layers of distress ink that I build until I liked what I saw. The stamps are some wooden Tim Holtz stamps that are always on my desk so I tought it was fitting to use them in my first page.
They will make many more apperances in the future, especially the clock one.

The flowers I used are little paper flowers that became what I call "faux china".

Thank you for reading my blog.

Have a nice day.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cardmaking Monday


Today I had an idea while commuting to work. Cardmaking Monday would be like something cool to do, perhaps a weekly or bi-weekly series. Well I couldn't wait getting to it, to bad I still had to work all day.

For my first card in this series I thought about doing a birthday card, I simply love doing birthday cards, they are always fun, as you can go so many ways with them.

I still kind off had the technique from the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013 from June in my mind and so it is kind of this technique but with a bit of my own twists off course. This time I mainly used distress ink, distress markers, stamps, archival ink, so no distress paint or stains.

Thank you for reading my blog and have a wonderful and creative week.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - June


This month master of the Ranger universe Tim Holtz got out his Distress markers. I gladly put aside the project I'm working on to pull out mine, cause I absolutely love the Distress markers they are so versatile and easy to work with.

The background of the Tag itself was very fun doing too, using 3 different products of the Distress family (paint, stains and ink).

Tim used one of his favourite stamps, so I used some of my favourite stamps (no reason I should use Tim's favourite one when I have so many that I love too).

My choice of colours are mostly light colours to reflect the first rays of sunshine we are finally getting here in Belgium.

Thank you for reading, I hope you like my tag.