Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scraptastic 2013

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago at Scraptastic I gave make & takes where  the people could choose between some tags to make. Here are my samples:


It was so much fun teaching the people, and meeting up with some of the people I didn't see for a while was really fantastic.

Hope to see you all soon.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hobby Farm Design Team

Hello everyone,

I made the Hobby Farm design team. Today I would like to share with you the projects that I made to enter this Design team.

Graphic 45 paper and a photo that speaks for itself and you get a beautiful lay-out

The second one is a Sir that is giving his best look. The background is made with the new distress paint.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Live @ work ...

Hello world,

Did you want to see me live while crafting. And even make a little make and take...

now is the moment.

Where & when?
13-14-15 September 2013 @ Hobbyfarm (Pastoor Bontestraat 37, B-9900 Eeklo, BELGIUM).
Each day from 10 AM till  6 PM.

You'll have the opportunity to vote for my Art to get into the Hobbyfarm design team.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Monday, September 2, 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - September

Hello world,

I can't imagine that it is September already. Time really flies.

This month Tim made it a joy for me to work the tag. I love layering stencil, I'm doing it for quite a while now. I even did a mirror with this technique once (click here for the mirror).

And even though I didn't get my hand on some Tim Stencils yet, I had a great time doing the tag.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - August

Hello world,

Tim really took a simple principle and made a cool tag out of it with the most cool stamps. I love this stamp set it is very cool for making cards for men. You all know how hard it is.

Well I pretty much did the same thing as Tim did this time, except for the background where I used a bit other colours.

Her it goes, my edition of the August Tag:

Thank you for reading my blog.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Quick Message

Hi all,

I didn't drop of the earth. But I'm rather busy none the less. My studio is having a make-over, combined with a heatwave it is going very slowly. It does make it hard to craft, everything is all over the place. But it will be nice in the end.

I do want to share a bit with you guys ... my new desk, it is huge, I will have many many hours crafting fun on it.

On the right I have a lot of storage.
And on the left I have a bit of place but mainly I have place to put power supply at the bottom and when I don't need my heat tool I can put it safely on the shelf in the middle (no more hassle with the cord).

I'm hoping to finish soon, so that I can show you more art.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Cardmaking Monday - Week 4

Hello Everyone,

I'm in the process of changing to a new craftroom where I'll have more space. So I'm going trough a lot of stuff. 

Today for card-making Monday my eye fell on a left over kit from a workshop that I did last year in October. You all know & love the generous kits where you have stuff in excess but in reality you often don't do much with it. Especially with the little things you have over like one flower left, only a bit of ruban, little scraps or pieces of paper, ...

With those little left-overs I made a girly birthday card.

The only thing I added was the base of the card (some applegreen bazzil cardstock) and a bit of scrap paper to make the 'present' embellishment, I stamped it, coloured it in with some distress ink and cut it out.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Cardmaking Monday - Week 3


This week I was inspired by the Simon Says Stamp & Show Blog, their weekly challenge is all about stripes.

I made two cards with stripes today, and I made masculine birthday cards, I have many male friends and never seem to have enough of them and male cards aren't that simple either.

The first one I made the background myself with distress ink and tape.

The second one I took some paper that I bought in the very beginning of my crafting days. It quality isn't top and It is very bright and not very trendy any more. But for cards you can still use them. You only need a bit and you have a focal image so ideal to use. Oh and to avoid having it to bright and not so cool, well I put some distress ink all over it, instead of a screamy stripe pattern I got a vintage stripe pattern, very neat and very easy :)

Thank you for reading my blog

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cardmaking Monday - Week 2


Today I had very little time to spent on making a Card.
So I made a quicky card. You know the type off card you still have time to make when  you only have 20 minutes or less to spend on making a card, because you came home late from work, still have to ready yourself and have about 15 minutes to make a card because you have to go to a party.

How can you solve that dilemma. By making a simple yet beautiful card with PanPastels.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Artjournalling Thursday

Hello everyone,

Today I made the first in another series, Monday I presented the first "Card-making Monday", and today it is the "Art journalling Thursday". That makes 2, but I had ideas for 3 series, what will be the 3rd??? Keep tuned on this blog, and you'll now it will make it's apearance this week. It is the week of 1st's this week.

As for my page today I did a single page, the first in a new book is very often a single page.

This is the book I'll use for this series, it is a simple book, but the paper is great and I love this kind off book.

The backround is many layers of distress ink that I build until I liked what I saw. The stamps are some wooden Tim Holtz stamps that are always on my desk so I tought it was fitting to use them in my first page.
They will make many more apperances in the future, especially the clock one.

The flowers I used are little paper flowers that became what I call "faux china".

Thank you for reading my blog.

Have a nice day.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cardmaking Monday


Today I had an idea while commuting to work. Cardmaking Monday would be like something cool to do, perhaps a weekly or bi-weekly series. Well I couldn't wait getting to it, to bad I still had to work all day.

For my first card in this series I thought about doing a birthday card, I simply love doing birthday cards, they are always fun, as you can go so many ways with them.

I still kind off had the technique from the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013 from June in my mind and so it is kind of this technique but with a bit of my own twists off course. This time I mainly used distress ink, distress markers, stamps, archival ink, so no distress paint or stains.

Thank you for reading my blog and have a wonderful and creative week.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - June


This month master of the Ranger universe Tim Holtz got out his Distress markers. I gladly put aside the project I'm working on to pull out mine, cause I absolutely love the Distress markers they are so versatile and easy to work with.

The background of the Tag itself was very fun doing too, using 3 different products of the Distress family (paint, stains and ink).

Tim used one of his favourite stamps, so I used some of my favourite stamps (no reason I should use Tim's favourite one when I have so many that I love too).

My choice of colours are mostly light colours to reflect the first rays of sunshine we are finally getting here in Belgium.

Thank you for reading, I hope you like my tag. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - May

Hello World,

Finally I crafted again, after 2 months of health issues, I'm finally able to get creative again. And what better way to start then with Tim Holz's 12 tags of ...

So here I go the tag for May. (the March & April tag will follow soon).

I didn't have the remnant rubs so I substituted with some I still had in my stash. And the enamelled tag has been changed to an Idea-ology Fragments Charm.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - February - Winner


This is so exciting, after a while that I wasn't really able to access my pc I got online today and found out that I was a winner for the February Tag.

I'm so glad!

Thanks for reading & Hugs,


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Hello everyone,
Mirror Mirror on the wall... what accessories will I put on today.

Well I kind of like to have my mirror and my accessories close together so I mad this little beauty.

 On this mirror I can put the earrings I want to have quick on hands very easily.

And as a women you are entitled to want some changes now and then, so the embellishments are  interchangeable, every piece can go on any place, how cool is that.

 Thank you for reading my blog.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Metallic Card

Hello Everyone,

The challenge on the Simon Says Stamp & Show blog inspired me to make a card. This time it was a card for when a colleague leaves. Most of the time I try to make a personal card at that moment, but that is not always possible, so it is good to have a few of those cards in your stash.

The challenge was to work with metal. The card opens in the middle and on the front I have two embossed metallic panels that are accented with acrylic paint.

The front of the card is kept very simple because you want to keep the surprise effect when you open the card.

In this edition I put on the side panels two quotes that would go with the purpose the card will serve. But it could be any quote, any image you coloured in or even little photo's you want to share. Just keep in mind that you have to keep it flat for easy posting.

The middle is left white cause there I like to write a little something for the person I give the card to. And if it is for a colleague that leaves well I'd need all the place for people to write their name.

Thank you for reading my post. Have a great and creative weekend.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday

One of my very best friends had her birthday this Sunday *if you read this Happy Birthday again*.
 So I made her a birthday card. I was really inspired to use turquoise because it is one of her favourite colours. So I used it in the background.

The background was made by using 2 different dylusion spray ink tones. I wanted it to have a very luxurious feeling so I stencilled some Golden Glass Bead Gel onto the background. And I let it air dry, I like the result the best when air dried.

As a focal image I chose the birthday cupcake from the Tim Holtz CMS153 Birthday Blueprints clingmount stamp set. She likes to bake so it was so obvious to choose the cupcake. I stamped the image on watercolour-paper and coloured it in with Distress Markers. As I wanted to continue the luxurious look I embellished the image with my stickles.
To finish it all I mounted the background on a card and added the focal image together with some ribbon and a little "Happy Birthday". 

I lined the interior with some light cream paper that I very slightly edged with some vintage photo distress ink and on the left side of the card I added a birthday sentiment stamp. The right side I left empty to journal in some words and wishes for my friend. 


Thank you for reading my post. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - February

Hello everyone,

Today I finished my February tag. Tim made another very special and beautiful tag.

It got me thinking quite quickly because I'm not having all the supplies Tim used, actually I miss a lot of them. But that is ok. I take it as an extra challenge.

My final result

Tim used the heart queen stamp, I altered the Tim Holtz Birthday stamp to fit the Valentine theme a bit better. I didn't think that the candle did the trick.
I stamped on water colour paper and coloured it in with the distress markers and a water brush.
On the left you can see what the original stamp (CMS153 Birthday Blueprints) looks like, on the left a close-up from the tag.

To make the custom cash key, I didn't have the chitchat stickers, so I stamped one of the little stamps from the CMS100 Odds and Ends stampset by Tim Holtz. I cut out the words I wanted to use and adhered them to the red label with some gluestick before putting on the epoxy sticker.

 At the top of the tag I added some heart shaped rhinestones, they are very little and it is quit difficult to catch them on photo. The one in the middle shows it of the best.

I hope you like my version of this months tag.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful time.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birthday Mini Canvases

Hello world,

Today I finished my Birthday Mini Canvases. I was inspired by one of the Tim Holz new stamp sets that I got as a present for my birthday "CMS153 Birthday Blueprints". I'm so happy with those stamps.

I started with 4 little natural canvases. When I bought those I didn't read the label correctly and didn't read that they were having 3 layers of gloss finish. That is uncool for working with ink so I sanded them down the best I could without hurting the canvas to much.

When I finished all the sanding down I coloured the background with Dylusions Ink spray.

I then firstly stamped my stamp on the canvas then on some watercolour paper. With my distress stains I coloured those in. Before mounting the cut out images on the canvases I sprayed some Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearl Mist on them.
Then I collaged them on with mat medium.
To finish it off I choose one of my favourite products... Stickels ... I accented some of the stamp parts giving them a luxurious finish. On the little labels a little glossy accent did the trick.
Some White Opal Liquid Pearls in the corners made everything complete.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Creative JumpStart 2013 - the end

Thank  you for those who followed my post about CJS 2013. They were not always daily but I prefered crafting to blogging. Now all my posts about Creative JumpStart are about to be done, this is actually the last one.

So I wanted to thank Nathalie Kalbach for organising this wonderful event. I had so much fun with it. I revisited some supplies that I hadn't used in a long time. And my creativity is buzzing like mad at the moment.

So just to end thing I made two pages to close down the Creative JumpStart 2013 Summit.

Creative JumpStart 2013 - Day 31 (n°45)

The very last JumpStart for this summit, Jumpstart 45 by Nathalie Kalbach. A bit sad that it has come to an end but it was so much fun. But very challenging to causse you don't know what they will trow your way.

In this Jump Nathalie told us that there has been a name that was created for the people that play along with the JumpStarters, we are "Jumpers". Well I'm proud to be a Jumper :)

As for the technique that Nat did, it was with special  stencils, and I don't own that kind of stencils. She used the Liquitex Spray paints that I want but don't have (yet). So a bit improvising was needed.
I sprayed with the background with dylusions sprays and the rest with heidi swapp color shine mists and I used two stencils on top of one another and I find the result pretty cool.

Creative JumpStart 2013 - Day 30 (n° 44)

N°44 is the Jumpstart from Anna Dabrowska. I had hoped she would have done something with lots of layers, embellishments and findings, but it wase some photo altering.

I had a photo of a moth lying about. The moth is special I saw it in a butterfly garden in spain. It is a beautiful animal but sadly it only lives for 1 week, doesn't move, doesn't eat is only awake at night and when the week is over, it dies. So I was lucky that they had these when I was there. I just love butterfly gardens.

Back to the Jumpstart Summit. This is my photo alterations on a simple dylusions background.

Creative JumpStart 2013 - Day 29 (n° 43)

A jumpstart about watersoluble crayons. Ronda Palazzari gave me a bit of trouble with this one, because how can you do watersoluble crayons if you don't have any. Well it isn't very easy but I was able to pull off one of her techniques with some inktense blocks from derwent. This is what I made from it.

Creative JumpStart 2013 - Day 28 (n° 41 & 42)

Our lifeline of the JumpStarts continues with another technique by Nathalie Kalbach. It is technique 10 already. This technique is not one of my favourites, not because of the Inktense blocks that are being used, I love these. But the washi tape, isn't really my thing.

And for Jump n° 42 we had a great giveaway by the wonderful people of Derwent.