Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year & 12 Tags of 2013 - October

Hello guys,

I have been a little busy this past time so my blog didn't get the attention it deserves, but I rather play with my inks and paints than blog when I have to choose between those 2, but hey I'm back and with good new year resolutions to update as much as possible.

I still didn't show all my tags from the 12 tags of 2013. So that will be posted this week, along with the start of the 12 tags of 2014. Yes, I'm going to do them as well this year.

Here is my october tag for the 12 tags of 2013.

And I really can choose my moments, it is proven again. Today is the first time I crafted this year. And what did I manage to do... I broke one of my cutting plates for my cuttlebug. Luckely I already have some new ones, if it is really curved the plate you know sooner or later it will pop, well today it did.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

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