Thursday, February 19, 2015

40 Days of ... Art - Concept and Day 1 & 2

Hello world,

Around here everyone is buzzing about 40 days without meat. It's a modern version of the Lent.

All week I heard about nothing else and I'm tired of it. However it made me think and this morning I saw the light. Why not do 40 days of Art. So here I go with my concept.
Normally I should have started yesterday so today you get Day 1 & Day 2.

Day 1

Something new I added to my art, Zentangle. So fun to do and I could do it on the train seeing that I don't really  need much to play. Here is my very first tangle.

Day 2

One of my colleagues became Dad to a beautiful baby girl and I made a card for the occasion.
The card is 6" by 8,5" and as I often do, I have decorated the left part of the inside of the card, leaving the other side blank for wishes.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these creations. Thank you for reading, comments are appreciated.


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